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Get Started    


This page will help you get started with embed.js.


This library uses Promise but it is not bundled with the library. So you need to load the polyfill
es6-promise before loading the plugin. You can install it by using npm install --save es6-promise


Its preferred that you use the npm package manager as Bower support may be deprecated in future.

If you’re using npm package manager with a module bundler like Webpack or Browserify to consume CommonJS modules, you can use the default UMD build of the plugin by simply requiring it.

var EmbedJS = require('embed-js')

embed.js was developed with a modern JavaScript workflow in mind. To use it, it's recommended you have a build system in place that can transpile ES6, and bundle modules. But at the same time you get an already transpiled version to make your development easier.

In case you wan't to use the ES2015 build of the plugin, you will find that version named embed.es2015.js.

import EmbedJS from 'embed-js'


This plugin also contains the jsnext:main field in package.json that points to ES2015 build ( in case you are using Rollup module bundler )


This page will help you get started with embed.js.